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Urgent Medical Care Certificate

Occurrence and demand for urgent care in the community, prior to hospital care, is increasing. This may be in a rural setting, but is just as likely in urban surroundings, when delayed access to secondary care can make the clinician feel very remote and isolated. This 3-day course is designed for professionals working in urgent or non-scheduled care who need to enhance forward care by starting pathways for the emergency patient.

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Postgraduate Courses

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MSc Digital Health

With the global market for digital health expected to reach almost £408 billion by 2025, there is huge impetus to create a digital health-ready workforce that is equipped to work in the digitally literate healthcare organisations of the 21st Century.  It will be increasingly important that doctors and other healthcare professionals are able to exploit digital opportunities in healthcare to improve patient outcomes; to deliver safe care more efficiently and effectively and to bridge the gaps between different teams within health and social care.

The huge advances in healthcare that will flow from the revolution in biosciences and information technologies require a quantum change in how we approach the training of our future workforce. A broad understanding of the requirements of the current system and why this fundamental shift is required form the basis of our programme.

PGCert/ PGDip/ MSc in Rural Medicine
PGCert/PGDip/MSc in Urgent Care

Whether you practice medicine in a rural setting or have remote access to additional or secondary medical services in an urban setting, this programme will give intercalating medical students, recent medical graduates and other healthcare professionals the confidence and skills to deal with urgent and pre-hospital care which are paramount. People who train with us need to be able to deal with whatever they encounter. From the better-known primary care conditions, through to life-saving interventions in hostile environments, every step should enhance the care and the outcome. Most importantly they need to understand that we need to enhance care in the remote setting not delay it. It is all very good being able to diagnose sepsis in the community but unless you can treat it, all you’ve done is delay the care and increase the mortality. These programmes offer you the chance to explore advances in the use of technology and digital health which may allow access to the skills of another provider in a different location when required.

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MSc Physician Associate Practice

Train to be a Physician Associate – an innovative, professional healthcare role, that is growing within the NHS, with a generous starting salary. A Physician Associate is a medical professional providing patient care under the supervision of a Consultant or General Practitioner. Their main focus is diagnosis and management. Consequently, their daily activities include interviewing and examining patients, ordering tests and making decisions about patient management. Approx. 50% of the programme is spent on clinical placement across a full spectrum of opportunities: urban, rural, specialised hospital and general practice. In the university setting we teach in small groups offering unrivalled student support and direct contact hours with staff. You will be timetabled to have over 25 hours per week of direct, interactive teaching by faculty highly experienced in the clinical sector.

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Hospital Medicine

MSc Hospitalist Medicine 

This course is the first of its kind and recognises the growing need for additional clinical experts in providing ward-based patient care. It provides career and professional development and thus the increasing confidence and better patient care which additional knowledge and training provides.
It is delivered in the real world setting of the modern NHS in West Cumbria, so students are able to fully understand their future role.

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MSc Medical Education
Available via Blended Learning

The course delivers skills to apply the theory, practice and associated research of teaching and assessment within medical education

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UCLan Preston Campus Postgraduate Programmes

MSc Clinical Practice, Management and Education
Pathways through this modular course in leadership, communication, public health, mental health, planning, response, practice issues, professional issues and of particular interest to GPs, modules on consultation skills, coaching, teaching and assessment

MSc Sports Medicine
Training leaders in sports medicine to deliver safe and effective care

MSc Musculoskeletal Management
Skills to assess, triage and care for patients with musculoskeletal conditions

MSc Physician Associate Practice
Professional training at postgraduate level for this new healthcare role

Master’s Research in Medical Sciences (MRes)
Training in research methods, use of extensive research facilities and supervision to undertake medical research in a project of your choice

Doctorate of Professional Clinical Studies (DProf)
Training in research methods and supervision of a research project applied to professional clinical practice

Launching 2020

The National Centre for Remote and Rural Medicine will be offering the following postgraduate programmes in 2020:

  • MSc Digital Health*
  • MSc Surgery*
  • MSc Medical Leadership*

* Subject to validation

These postgraduate programmes allow doctors and other health professionals to identify their own areas of need and have their learning needs fulfilled by a wide range of optional modules. Many of the modules are built around CPD; this means that the programme can be tailored to individual need and credits can be accumulated flexibly to accommodate the student’s work-life balance.

Undergraduate Courses

Masters of Physician Associate Studies (Hons) (MPAS)

In a similar way to our medicine students, our undergraduate physician associate students will undertake placements in West Cumbria in their third and fourth year and also enjoy some of their lectures and skills sessions at the Centre.

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MBBS students

Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

During their first and second years, students on our undergraduate medicine programme undertake placements in West Cumbria and also enjoy some of their lectures and skills sessions at the Centre. In their 3rd year, a cohort of MBBS students will be based at the Centre, undertaking clinical placements across the region.

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Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Foundation Courses

Science students work on class project

BSc (Hons) Medical Sciences Foundation Entry

Our Medical Sciences foundation programme runs from the Centre for local and international students. Students study for their foundation year in West Cumbria and then continue their course at either the UCLan Campus in Preston or Burnley.

This foundation programme gives students the opportunity to apply for undergraduate medicine MBBS, undergraduate physician associate studies, pharmacy, dental hygiene and dental therapy and medical or biomedical sciences degrees, if they meet set criteria after completing their first year.

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BSc (Hons) Medical Sciences Foundation Entry

Facilities at our Westlakes Campus

  • Dedicated clinical skills suite featuring a virtual dissection Anatomage table
  • On site high spec anatomy space for practical teaching and demonstrations
  • A lecture theatre with the capacity for up to 100 people
  • Business incubator and business support centre
  • On-site library with online access to central UCLan library services.
  • A dedicated student social space.
  • On-campus student wellbeing support and dedicated student services hub

NCRRM combines state of the art academic facilities at UCLan’s Westlakes campus and neighbouring clinical facilities at the West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven, providing a unique opportunity to deliver innovative improvements in remote and rural healthcare and new integrated models of care for the local area.