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Remote and Rural Care
UCLan’s National Centre for Remote and Rural Medicine (NCRRM) offers a number of academic programmes to support students from the region and help boost the local economy in West Cumbria.
Dr Stuart Maitland-Knibb

Dr Stuart Maitland-Knibb, MRCGP FIMC RCS Ed DUMC  RCS Ed

Director, National Centre for Remote and Rural Medicine

Patients deserve the best care regardless of their location. Here at the National Centre for Remote and Rural Medicine (NCRRM), we are providing education and training to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills to provide gold standard care in remote and rural locations locally, nationally and internationally. Digital technology is playing an increasingly important role in providing effective and safe health care in remote and rural regions and our Digital Health Institute is exploring the way technology can answer the issues of remote teaching and care.

At NCRRM we are looking for new ways to deliver medical education alongside traditional pathways. We are innovating so that we can widen access to medicine for those who wish to take an alternative route to attain professional qualifications.

Located in West Cumbria, the Centre provides students with a unique set of opportunities, allowing the variety of clinical experiences which comes with the challenges of remote and rural medicine.

We operate on the firm belief that medics and allied healthcare professionals should be able to attain skills and qualifications to ensure they feel confident and secure when looking after their patients’ needs, wherever they are in the world. Every contact with a patient should always enhance the outcome.

The National Centre offers a number of academic programmes to support students from the region and help boost the local economy in West Cumbria. This includes our BSc (Hons) Medical Sciences Foundation Entry programme, watch to find out more.

  • A range of full and part-time courses for doctors and other health professionals which provide a toolkit to enhance patient outcomes no matter where they are treated. The programmes have been developed to address the skills and competencies required for safe and confident practice in a rural or urgent, remote setting.

  • Working alongside NCRRM, the West Cumberland Medical Education Centre (WCMEC) is a research, teaching and medical education facility led by senior clinical academics with a background in acute medicine and primary care in West Cumbria.

  • UCLan understands that technology offers unparalleled opportunities for health and care providers in rural areas to meet the growing challenge of delivering services effectively and efficiently.